HO Scale Craftsman Kits

for the Serious Modeler

Plastic Passenger Car Kits 

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
210RDG/CNJ PBn Arch Roof Coach$29.95
211B&M/MEC Class PBn Arch Roof Coach$29.95
213Seaboard Air Line PBn Arch Roof Coach$29.95
220RDG/CNJ Class CVI Arch Roof Combine$29.95
221B&M Class CVI Arch Roof Combine$29.95
230Reading Class BAv Baggage Express Car$29.95
240Reading Class BAa Baggage Express Car$29.95
258Jersey Central Lines Sreel Suburban Combine$29.95
330CNJ Class BE Baggage Car$29.95
430PPR Class B60b Baggage Car$29.95
440PPR Class M70b Railway Post Office Car$29.95
530Western Maryland Class BA Baggage Car$29.95
1300Jersey Central Lines Steel Suburban Coach$29.95
224Reading Class CVI Arch Roof Combine w/Air Conditioning$39.95
310CNJ/RDG Class PBm Clerestory Roof Coach$39.95
311Reading Class PBh Steel Coach$39.95
312Reading Steel Coach with Clerestory Roof$39.95
320CNJ/RDG Class CVh Clerestory Roof Combine$39.95
591Reading Co. Class CVm Combine (Modernized)$39.95
610B&O Class A-e Coach$39.95
1201Southern 80 ft Coach with AC #1650-1683$39.95
1202Southern 80 ft Coach without AC #1650-1653$39.95
1203ERIE 80 ft Coach with AC #2250-2288$39.95
1204ERIE 80 ft Coach without AC #2250-2288$39.95
1205New Haven Coach #7800-7950, same as 1206 except w/o Air$39.95
1206New Haven Coach #7800-7950, with Air Conditioning$39.95
1211Boston & Albany 75' Coach #534-548$39.95
1214New York Central Coach w/Split Letter Board$39.95
1221Rutland Coach w/Split Letter Board w/body mounted generator.$39.95
1226GM&O Coach #140$39.95
1229GM&O Coach #141$39.95
1232Rutland Coach w/Split Letter Board w/truck mounted generator $49.95

In 1920, Pullman built 50 Plan 2585D 10-1-2 Sleepers.  All were named after FORTS.  At the 1948 divesture of Pullman Car Co., 48 remained and were sold to various railroads.  The following 1300 series kits are models of theses cars with appropriare decals, step treads and trucks.

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
1302Pullman Plan 2585D 10-1-2 Sleeper w/4t steps and 2410 Trucks$39.95
1303Boston & Maine Fort Pickens$39.95
1304Southern Fort Michie$39.95
1305Boston & Maine Fort Greble$39.95
1306Boston & Maine Fort Bliss, Slocum$39.95
1307Boston & Maine Fort Mapleton, Makell$39.95
1308Monon Fort Canby, Gaines$39.95
1309SOO Fort Gibbon, Grant$39.95
1310Southern Pacific Fort Lovett, Liscum$39.95
1311Monon Sir Henry W. Thorton$39.95
1312PRR Fort Marlowe, Robeson and Mactawa$39.95
1313PRR Fort Ward, Cape Sable and Cape San Blas$39.95
1314PRR Fort Cedar Ledge, Cedar Springs, Long Cliff, Newtown Falls, North Grove, North Judson, and North Vineland$39.95
1315FEC Fort Amador, Streater and Lindsey$39.95
1400FEC Plan 3585 10-1-2 Sleeper Lake Goodwin$39.95
1402FEC Plan 3585 10-1-2 Sleeper Lake Michigan$39.95
1525Reading Class PBr Coach$39.95
1701NH/B&M Pullman 14 Section Sleeper in two-tone grey New Franklin and New Hamburg$39.95
1801C&EI Pullman 8-1-2 Sleeper Centalaska, Centross and Red Rock Pass$39.95
1901C&EI Pullman 12-1 Sleeper$39.95
1902Undercorated Pullman 12-1 Sleeper$39.95

Passenger Car Kits with Laser Cut Wood Sides

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
1301Santa Fe 40 ft Baggage Express Car$39.95
849Erie Class C-9 Baggage Express CarTemporarily Out of Stock

10-1-1 Sleepers, Plan 3973A.  Comes with correct decals, resin roof, correct interiors and trucks, Less wheel sets and couplers

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
1500PRR La Reine$49.95
1503Northern Pacific with Pullman Gold Decals$49.95
1504Northern Pacific with Northern Pacific Lowery Decals$49.95
1507C&EI Pullman 10-1-1 Sleeper Chief Garry and Chief Red S$49.95

Passenger Light-Weight Head End Car Kits

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
733SOO Line ACF Baggage Car #1635-1636
Same as Kit #831 except for SOO Line Decals
831Erie Modern Baggage Express Car$39.95
832Erie-Lackawanna Baggage Express Car$39.95
833Erie Modern RPO/Baggage Car$39.95
834Erie-Lackawanna RPO/Baggage Car$39.95
835Erie RPO/Mail Dormitory Car$39.95
837GTW Baggage Express Car #9081-9098
Same as Kit #831 except for GTW Decals

Passenger Car Kits with Brass Car Sides

(Most have Brass Under Frames)

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
436PRR Theatrical Scenery Express Car (Modern Doors)$59.95
436aPRR Theatrical Scenery Express Car (Original Doors)$59.95
830Erie Baggage Car #540-549$59.95
930DL&W Express Baggage Car #2035-2064$59.95
1240NYC Railway Post Office Car$59.95
1430N&W Class BEk Baggage Express Car$59.95
1432N&W MS3 Mail Storage Car$59.95
1433L&HR MS3 Mail Storage Car$59.95
2000Reading "wall Street" Coach and Club Car$59.95
2010Reading Class PBu Coach #2010-2013$59.95
242B&M RPO/Baggage #3110-3114$67.50
243NYO&W RPO/Baggage #170-173$67.50
611B&O Class A-18 Coach$67.50
640B&O Class H-11 Postal Car$67.50
4060Pullman Poplar Series 6-6 Sleeper$67.50
260Reading Cafe Car, #1186-1189$75.00
232Reading Class BAu Baggage Express Car$79.95
249Canadian National Cafe Car 423/424$79.95
431PPR Class B70 Baggage Express Car, #6000-6054$79.95
432PRR Class B62 Baggage Express Car$79.95
1100Boston & Maine/Maine Central Pullman Plan 2417D Buffet Parlor Car.
This car ran New York City to Montreal via the Rutland
1101Pullman Plan 2471D Buffet Parlor Car.
This car ran New York City to Montreal via the Rutland.
441PPR Parlor-Lounge Car, Plan 4019$87.50
446New Haven Restaurant-Lounge Car, Plan 4019$87.50
448PRR Class BM70k RPO/Baggage Car$87.50
452PRR 4019B Diner-Lounge "COURAGEOUS"$87.50
512B&M 4019B Diner-Lounge "ONWARD" & "PROGRESS"$87.50
1010Central Vermont Coach$87.50
1040Central Vermont 63 ft Mail & Express Car$87.50
1041Canadian National 63 ft Mail & Express Car$87.50
1043Central Vermont Class BN70g RPO/Baggage Car #40-41$87.50
1044Grand Trunk Western Class BM70g RPO/Baggage Car #40
Same as Kit# 1043 except with GTW decals.
1231NYC Horse Car$87.50

 10-2 Pullman Sleeper, Plan 3584 


with correct decals and trucks.  less interiors, wheel sets and couplers

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
2415Pennsylvania w/Ice Air Conditioning$59.95
2416Pennsylvania w/Electro-Mechanical Air Conditioning$59.95>
2417Southern w/242a Trucks$59.95
2418Southern w/2410 Trucks$59.95
2419Pullman w/242A Trucks, 3 Thread Steps and Ice AC (assigned to PRR.)$59.95
2420Pullman w/242A Trucks, 4 Thread Steps and PM AC (assigned to NYC.)$59,95
2421Pullman w/242A Trucks, 4 Thread Steps and Ice PM (assigned to NYC.)$59.95

8-1-3 “Tower” Sleepers. Comes with correct decals and trucks.  Less wheel sets and couplers.

1650ACL with Decals for Arsenal Tower and High Tower. This Kit has Tom Madden's 4090F Car Sides$87.50
1651ACL with Decals for Arsenal Tower and High Tower. This Kit has NKP-CAR Brass Car Sides.Special Price
1652B&O Gothic Tower and Hill Tower. This Kit has Tom Madden's 4090F Car Sides.$87.50
1653B&O Gothic Tower and Hill Tower. This Kit has NKP-CAR Brass Car Sides.Special Price
4200Southern Horse Car$87.50
241Maine Central RPD/Baggage$97.50
710Lehigh Valley 68 ft Coach$97.50
711Georgia RR 68 ft Coach$97.50
712NC&StL 68 ft Coach$97.50
713Pacific Great Eastern 68 ft Coach #610-611$97.50
714Pacific Great Eastern 68 ft Diner #653$97.50
730Lehigh Valley Baggage Express Car #775-784$97.50
731SOO Line Baggage Express Car$97.50
1187Reading Cafe Car #1187$97.50
1189Reading Cafe Car$97.50

8-1-3 “Tower” Sleepers, Plan 4090.

Comes with Correct Decals, Resin Sides, Resin Roof, and Trucks

Less Wheel Sets and Couplers.

Kit #DescriptionPricePhoto
1601New Haven with Decals for Victoria Tower$59.95
1602New Haven with Decals for Bok Tower and Breslin Tower$59.95
1603PRR with Dulux Gold Decals for Bell Tower and Eiffel Tower$59.95
1604LV with Decals for Round Tower and Pease Tower$59.95
1605PRR with Decals for Strasbourg Rower$59.95
1606NYC Clock Tower, Conning Tower, Dromeday Tower, Holder Tower,
Kilcullen Tower, & Martello Tower
1607B&O Lantern Tower & Norman Tower$59.95
1609C&EI Brighter Tower & Devils Tower$59.95
1610ACL Anselin's Tower, Brixworth Tower & West Tower$59.95
1611Southern Canonbury Tower & Taits's Tower$59.95
1612SAL Bartlett Tower, Chimes Tower, Giotto's Tower, Siebers Tower,
& Weeper's Tower
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