Alphabetical listing of all Passenger Car kits  -  By Railroad

Kit Group

Kit Number



Craftsman 610 Baltimore & Ohio Class A-e Coach (blue)  
Craftsman 611 Baltimore & Ohio Class A-18 Coach  
Craftsman 640 Baltimore & Ohio Class H-11 Postal Car  
Sparrow's Point SP-46 Baltimore & Ohio RPO-Baggage Car Class E-7c  
Sparrow's Point SP-42 Baltimore & Ohio Wood Coach #4072-4073  
InterMountain-BCW BCW5610 Baltimore & Ohio Coach, (Available in Green only)  
Sparrow's Point SP-63 Barre & Chelsea (M&B) RPO/Baggage/Coach #14  
Craftsman 261 Blue Comet Coach "Giacobini" (has brass car sides)  
Craftsman 211 Boston & Maine/MEC Class PBn Arch Roof Coach  
Craftsman 221 Boston & Maine Class CV1 Arch Roof Combine  
Craftsman 212 Boston & Maine Coach #4500-4580  
Craftsman 223 Boston & Maine Baggage - Smoker #3600-3607  
Craftsman 242 Boston & Maine RPO/Baggage Car #3110-3114  
Craftsman 247 Boston & Maine/Maine Central, Osgood Bradley 1931 Duluxe Combination Baggage/Smoker  
Craftsman 512 Boston & Maine Pullman #4019B Parlor-Restaurant-Lounge "ONWARD" or "PROGRESS"  
Sparrow's Point SP-52 Boston & Maine West Shore Coach, Series #1300-1394  
Sparrow's Point SP-38 Boston & Maine Open Platform Coach #600-665  
Sparrow's Point SP-66 Boston & Maine Two-Door Wood Combine #2115-2118  
Sparrow's Point SP-67 Boston & Maine Four-Door Wood Combine #2119-2120  
Rutland Car Shops RCS-2818 Boston & Maine Double Eight Door Baggage Car  
Rutland Car Shops RCS-2889 Boston & Maine 4 X 8 Door Baggage Car  
Craftsman 1041 Canadian National Class M-63 Mail & Express Car  
Sparrow's Point SP-54 Canadian Pacific 50' Steel Baggage Express Car, Series #4434-4479  
Sparrow's Point SP-43 Canadian Pacific Wood Baggage Car, Series #3900-4000-4100  
Sparrow's Point SP-55 Canadian Pacific 65' Wood Baggage Car, Series #4180 & 4190  
Craftsman 1042 Central Vermont 60' Baggage Car  
Craftsman 1010 Central Vermont/Canadian National Coach Class PB-67-g  
Craftsman 1040 Central Vermont Class M-63 Mail & Express Car  
Craftsman 1043 Central Vermont BM70g RPO/Baggage Car  
Sparrow's Point SP-40 Central Vermont Baggage Car  
Craftsman 447 Chesapeake & Ohio Diner-Lounge Car, Plan 4019  
Craftsman 330 CNJ Class BE Baggage Car  
Craftsman 310 CNJ/RDG Class PBm Clerestory Roof Coach  
Craftsman 320 CNJ/RDG Class CVh Clerestory Roof Combine  
Craftsman 1298

CNJ Parlor Cars Plainfield & Evona. (Kit has brass car sides)

Sparrow's Point SP-31 Colorado Midland, 1st Class Coach #103-112, 2nd Class Coach #251-255  
Sparrow's Point SP-60 Columbus & Greenville Wood Baggage Car #104  
Craftsman 237 D&H RPO/Baggage Car #701-708 (Pullman green or 2-tone grey)  
Craftsman 930 DL&W Express Baggage Car #2035-2064  
Craftsman 940 DL&W RPO-Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 849 Erie Class C-9 Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 831 Erie Modern Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 833 Erie Modern RPO/Baggage Car  
Craftsman 835 Erie RPO/Mail Dormitory  
Craftsman 830 Erie Baggage Express Car #540 - #549  
Craftsman 832 Erie-Lackawanna Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 834 Erie-Lackawanna RPO/Baggage Car  
Craftsman 711 Georgia Rail Road 68' Coach  
Craftsman 837 Grand Trunk Western #9081-9098  
Craftsman 1044 Grand Trunk Western RPO/Baggage Car #40  
Craftsman 1045 Grand Trunk Western RPO/Baggage Car #8472-8474  
Craftsman 258 Jersey Central Lines Steel Suburban Combine  
Craftsman 1299 Jersey Central Lines Coach #1298-1299 (Kit has brass car sides)  
Craftsman 1300 Jersey Central Lines Steel Suburban Coach  
Craftsman 710 Lehigh Valley 68' Coach  
Craftsman 730 Lehigh Valley Baggage Express Car #775 - 784  
Craftsman 715 Lehigh Valley Smoking Car #1500-1504  
Craftsman 716 Lehigh Valley Osgood Bradley Coach  
Craftsman 1433 Lehigh & Hudson River MS3 Mail Storage Car  
InterMountain-BCW BCW 5531 Long Island Class BA Baggage Car,  #7750, 7751, 7752  
Sparrow's Point SP-56 Long Island Coach, Series #8506-8509  
Craftsman 241 Maine Central RPO-Baggage Car #361-367  
Sparrow's Point SP-50 Maine Central Coach-Smoker, Series #213-221  
Craftsman 712 NC&StL 68' Coach  
Craftsman 446 New Haven Restaurant-Lounge Car, Plan 4019  
Sparrow's Point SP-61 New Haven Wood Baggage Car with Steel Underframe #3800-3946  
Craftsman 1205 New Haven Coach #7800-7950, without Air Conditioning  
Craftsman 1206 New Haven Coach #7800-7950, with Air Conditioning  
Craftsman 1230 New York Central Baggage Car #3033-3050  
Craftsman 1240 New York Central Postal Car #4913-4926  
Craftsman 1231 New York Central Horse Car  
Sparrow's Point SP-51 New York Central West Shore Coach, Series #800-972  
Craftsman 243 NYO&W RPO Baggage Car #170 - #173  
Sparrow's Point SP-36 NYO&W Baggage Car #515-524  
Sparrow's Point SP-33 NYO&W Parlor Car  
Craftsman 1430 Norfolk & Western Class BEk Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 1432 Norfolk & Western Class MS3 Mail Storage Car  
Craftsman 1410 Norfolk & Western Pullman Plan 2410 12-1 Sleeper, "CUTTYHUNK" (Ice Activated A/C)  
Craftsman 713 Pacific Great Eastern 68' Coach #610 - #611  
Craftsman 714 Pacific Great Eastern 68' Diner #653  
Craftsman 430 PRR Class B60b Baggage Car  
Craftsman 440 PRR Class M70b Railway Post Office Car  
Craftsman 431 PRR Class B70 Baggage Express Car, #6000-6054  
Craftsman 432 PRR Class B62 Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 433 PRR Class B60 Baggage Express Car (Original Doors)  
Craftsman 434 PRR Class B60 Baggage Express Car (Modern Doors)  
Craftsman 436 PRR Theatrical Scenery Express Car (Modern Doors)  
Craftsman 436A PRR Theatrical Scenery Express Car (Original Doors)  
Craftsman 437 PRR Horse Express Car  
Craftsman 438 PRR B60a Baggage Car with steel doors and porthole windows  
Craftsman 439 PRR B60a Baggage Car with wood doors and rectangular windows  
Craftsman 441 PRR Parlor-Lounge Car, Plan 4019  
Craftsman 448 PRR BM70k RPO/Baggage Car  
Craftsman 452 PRR Pullman #4019B Parlor-Restaurant-Lounge "COURAGEOUS"  
Sparrow's Point SP-44 PRR Class Bn Wood Baggage Car  
Sparrow's Point SP-45 PRR Class Ml Wood Postal-Paper Car  
Sparrow's Point SP-58 PRSL Class BAb Wood Baggage Car #25  
Craftsman 445 Pere Marquette Restaurant-Lounge Car, Plan 4019  
Craftsman 443 Pullman Parlor-Lounge Car, Plan 4019  
Craftsman 2410 Pullman Plan 2410  12-1 Sleeper. (Electro Mechanical A/C)  
Craftsman 2410A Pullman Plan 2410 12-1 Sleeper. (Ice Activated A/C)  
Craftsman 4060 Pullman Poplar Series 6-6 Sleeper  
Craftsman 210 Reading/CNJ Class PBn Arch Roof Coach  
Craftsman 220 Reading/CNJ Class CV1 Arch Roof Combine  
Craftsman 230 Reading Class BAv Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 240 Reading Class BAa Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 224 Reading Ramble Combine, Car number available: #408  
Craftsman 311 Reading Class PBh Coach  
Craftsman 312 Reading Company Coach with Clerestory Roof  
Craftsman 591 Reading Co. Class CVm Arch Roof Combine  
Craftsman 1525 Reading Co. Class PBr Coach  
Craftsman 232 Reading Class BAu Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 236 Reading Class MBr Railway Post Office Car  
Craftsman 2000 Reading "Wall Street" Coach and Club Car  
Craftsman 2010 Reading Class PBu Modernized Coach #2010-2016  
Craftsman 1187 Reading Cafe Car #1187  
Sparrow's Point SP-57 Reading Class BAb Wood Baggage Car #1639-1648  
Sparrow's Point SP-59 Reading Class BAbx Wood Baggage Car #92674-92675  
Craftsman 274 Rutland RPO/Smoker Car #274-276  
Sparrow's Point SP-41 Rutland/Smoker Coach Car #711-716  
Craftsman 1301 Santa Fe 40' Baggage Car    
Craftsman 213 Seaboard Air Line PBn Arch Roof Coach  
Sparrow's Point SP-64 St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County RPO/Baggage/Coach Car #112  
Sparrow's Point SP-65 St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County RPO/Baggage/Coach Car #113  
Craftsman 733 SOO Line ACF Baggage Car #1635-1636 (see kit 831 for configuration)  
Craftsman 731 SOO Line Baggage Express Car  
Craftsman 1431 Southern 60ft. Baggage Car #135-145  
Craftsman 4200 Southern Horse Car  
Craftsman 732 TH&B Baggage Express Car #50 - #55  
Craftsman 530 Western Maryland Class BA Baggage Car  
Craftsman 510 Western Maryland Coach #825 - #839